Housing Options

Cedarburg: Washington Courts
Cedarburg is located 18 miles north of Milwaukee-there are currently 9 Dental School families living in Cedarburg and LOVING it! 
Most of the students car pool the 25-30 min to school and ALL of the families feel that the community is SO worth the commute. 
The main little street through town is just beautiful little shops/boutiques and eateries. Its WONDERFUL & there are frequent festivals all the time.
Click here to see Cedarburg & all the yearly events it has to offer.
Washington Court Apartments are just a few blocks up on the same road as the main little street with all the shops!
Washington Courts has 3 buildings that have 10 units each-2 three bedroom town homes and 8 two bedrooms apartments.
 Each unit has its own entry and a storage area/closet outside their door. As well as a small place to plant flowers or a small garden. 
 The play are has 2 baby swings and 2 regular swings along with a sandbox.
There are garages available to rent-these are not subsidized. But each has a key code pad, along with a keyless entry for your car. 
All apartments have washer/dryer hook-ups and you can purchase your own box a/c unit for your apartment as well-1 for the 2 bedroom and 2 for the 3 bedroom. 
This is the 2 bedroom set up. (this one is a top floor unit)
When you walk up stairs you come into the dining room, the living are is to your right. Behind the table to your left is a deep storage closet. The kitchen has fridge/freezer and a stove. No dishwasher. At the end of the kitchen is a LARGE pantry/laundry room. (some students have taken off the doors and put up curtains because their washer/dryers come out to far the door can't be closed)
The living area has the half wall over the stairs on the right. The door in the back right is another deep storage closet. There are floor heaters along the left and back of the room for the winter. The hall has a smaller closet as well for storage.
The first bedroom is a little smaller then the master and has an accordion door closet.
The master bedroom has a walk-in closet and is large enough for a kind size bed and an end table on each side as well as a large dresser. In the 2nd floor apartments there is a balcony off the master bedroom as well.
The bathroom is the only room with LITTLE storage so many people buy the over the toilet and or small storage hutches.
The only storage in the 2 bedroom bathroom is under the sink (the 3 bedroom has 1 1/2  baths and has pedestal sinks so no built in storage.)
Around the corner-a short walk-is the community pool. There is a shallow wading pool with slide and water fountain for kids and then the deeper areas of the pool have slides as well. Season passes are available for VERY reasonable price and most of the families get them and LIVE at the pool in the summer. You can also pay each visit if a pass isn't for you. 
(swimming lessons for the kiddos are available as well)
Everyone who lives here LOVES it!
There is other housing in Cedarburg, and we are happy to help you find it!
Glendale: Glen Courts - Subsidized Housing
There are a handful of students living here, honestly I don't know a TON about them and we don't have any current SSA members who live there to get the info from BUT I will find someone for you to contact if you are interested. It is a 10-15 minute commute.

This is a town 15-20 minutes from the school where a handful of the students live. It is largely populated by medical students. I don't know a TON about them either and haven't had members volunteer to make a write up about it, but I can put you in contact with members who live there and they can answer any questions.

*In order to qualify for subsidized housing the female spouse must be at least 6 months pregnant or you must have a child. The rent amount is 30% of any income-if the spouse of the dental student is not working then rent comes out to $0. You have to apply to these housing places and there is usually a 3-9 month wait.