Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Conference 2013

This year at conference, Becky Jackson whose husband graduated last year, attended with me. We got held up over night in Denver and missed a day and a half of the conference but what we were able to go to was PRICELESS!
I attended a few seminars and wanted to share what I learned with y'all!
*Lovingly help your patients understand payment options.
*Get a down payment so that they will for sure come and get the work done. 
*Be kind and upfront about costs & finances. Help them figure out a solution.
*Brand your office with YOUR name. This way people remember WHO they saw to share with friends not some "oh is was glitter or sparkle dental or something" 
*Do INTERNAL Marketing, make your assistants and staff WANT to work for you and work harder to be successful. 
*The person who answers your phone becomes the "face" of your office. Get someone who is HAPPY. Script them and and train them so they know the answers when the patients as why and when.
*NEVER say No. Make it happen. "Lets see what we can do" should be your answer, NEVER No. 
*WRITE DOWN finical goals & get your staff on board!
*Do "reminder calls" leaving details: "checked your insurance, your cost will be ___ , we accept ____" 
*The cost is part of the treatment.
*Share your success, someone elses success doesn't equal your failure. EVERYONE can succeed. 

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