Thursday, April 19, 2012

Yard Sale

Okay spouses, after attending conference I got a TON of fun ideas. . .so be excited for this summer and the coming year!!! At the end of May we will be doing a Yard Sale and letting all students, staff, and faculty from the Dental school get rid of their junk and the profits will go into a scholarship for one or two of our students!!!!! So as you do your spring cleaning and send your unwanted items with your spouse to school. They can drop all donations off at Linda Gleason's office and they will be picked up and brought to me to get marked up and sold!!! This may be especially nice for you 4th years wanting to get rid of stuff before you move! We will be taking larger items as well and just scheduling pick up dates for us to come and get those items from you! 

Monday, April 16, 2012

2012 Conference, Stone Mountain GA

Hey Y'all 
I just spent the last 4 days in Stone Mountain GA at the Alliance of the American Dental Association Conference. It was AWESOME!!!! I loved every minute of it! 
I met a fellow student spouse, Aimee, at the airport so that we could ride to the hotel together.
Little did we know that we were the ONLY student spouses at the conference! We felt like celebrities! Everyone wanted to meet us and talk to us and offer any help, advice, and friendship they could! 
We had meetings that were q & a about what we could do with our own alliances, leadership, legistlation, community, and education. It was so amazing! I learned so much and I was SO nice to be surrounded by dental spouses the whole time and be able to ask questions about things that we are going to be facing!!! My eyes were opened to so many things that I had never even thought of! 
This is one of my dear sweet friends Miss Nancy! We had way to much fun together on this fun trip! 
We ate like queens and got treated like royalty. . .here are some goodies we came home with as gifts from the Alliance.
I LOVE that necklace hanging off the bag-good thing we got that bag too because I needed it to put all the extra stuff I got in, so that I could make it home!
Guess who we got to meet?!
(Me, Aimee, Dr. Calnon, Becky, Sue)
That is Dr. Calnon. . .he is the PRESIDENT of the American Dental Association!!!!
We were not disappointed at all in this conference, we loved every minute of it and I brought home more knowledge then I dreamed I would! I can't wait to go next year!!!!
I applied for the "first time attendee" grant and if you want to go next year you can too!!!! I will be applying for the student spouse grant next year because I wouldn't want to miss the fun at Branson MO next April!!!
I can't wait to get somethings set up for upcoming months to share all that I learned!