Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ready Set Brush

For the Ready Set Brush presentations, we made up "goodie bags" we put a brush, toothpaste and sticker in each bag for the kids.
I set up with the Marquette Day Care Center to come in and read to their 2 pre-school classes, as well as 4 pre-school classes, 2 kindergarten classes, and 2 first grades classes from a local school. It was a blast! I took my little boy and he was my “helper” and we read the books and talked to the kids about brushing and going to the dentist. Our secretary Suzi McAffee also went in and read to 2 of the classes with her husband and daughter as well! The kids all loved their goodie bags, and many of the parents talked to me a few days later informing me that their children had come home and taught them the proper way to brush their teeth!
I had SO much fun and can’t wait for the next opportunity I have to go and teach in the schools again! We
bought extra of the baggies so we are all set for next time! All of the classes we went to this year want us back next year and hopefully we can add some more too!

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